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Welcome to (re)!

Things will happen in this fest! And they will be awesome.

On April 18, sign-up announcements will go up simultaneously on Dreamwidth and on Tumblr ([ profile] recsremixesrepods). Announcements will also be given a signal boost on Twitter, [ profile] recsremixesrepo.

(re) is a two-pronged challenge celebrating existing podfics about characters who have under-represented genders or sexes (or for characters with no gender at all - but more on how we define the idea later). Participants can sign up for Week One or for Week Two, or if they’re really ambitious, both.

Week One (May 18-22), is all about the straight rec: think [community profile] podfic_love, think recs sets, think amplirecathon.

Week Two (25-29) is the same, but with a twist. You’ll only rec one podfic at a time but you’ll also be repodding or remixing it. We’re not setting a lot of rules on what we mean by “remix” but it has to have a both a storytelling element and an audio element (but not necessarily words). You can check out FJ’s post for some ideas about how a podfic might be remixed, but don’t feel limited to it. Leave a comment, send an ask, or email us with any questions!

For more information, click here )
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Just a reminder to everyone that tomorrow (Saturday, May 30) is the free-for-all day for Week Two submissions! Anyone interested in doing a quick repod or remix is more than welcome to post some loveliness. We would love to hear from you!
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This Little Hand (in Yours) by [ profile] LadyofMisrule/[profile] elaineofshallot

This was part of Awesome Ladies III, and it really is awesome, and powerful. There is a wonderful resonant quality to [profile] elaineofshallot's voice that draws you in and makes you want to listen. This performance has a brilliant rhythm to it and the whole package is suitably theatrical. The ending with the descent into Lady Macbeth's madness is particularly compelling, and I remember sitting in a little shellshocked silence for a few seconds the first time I listened to it.

Re: Like FJ earlier in the week, I wanted to remix this but I ended up not having enough time to do something as interesting as I wanted. But here is my repod, and perhaps a remix will come later.

Title: this little hand (in yours)
Fandom: Shakespeare's Macbeth
Character: Lady Macbeth
Author: [ profile] havisham (previously known as [ profile] zeen)
Reader: [ profile] originally
Summary: They were once a study of contrasts, she and her lord. She was small and dark, her face a pale oval and kept carefully blank. He was ruddy-faced and boisterous, the king's favorite.

When she would put a fragile hand on his broad shoulder, he would stoop down to catch her whispered word.

Length: 00:06:48
Download Link/Mobile Streaming: mp3
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The REC: Over the last little bit, I've been working my way through [ profile] reena-jenkins's Three Times A Week, For A Year. It's a marvelous anthology filled with great wee podfics that fill the gaps in my day to perfection. And there is one podfic in particular that I just loved to pieces. It's of [ profile] paperclipbitch's Trade Negotiations, a Frozen/Brave crossover Elsa/Merida drabble.

I love listening to Reena read Disney femslash. There is something about the way Reena reads that is just so full of the charm and lightness and enthusiasm that adds this marvelous element of glee to the Disney ladies. Trade Negotiations is no different. It's a stolen moment filled with all Elsa's reserve and Merida's frustrated "now-now-now" enthusiasm and I finished it just wishing there were about 3 more hours of it. Delightfully voiced, it's a complete gem.

Check it out! Trade Negotiations, by reena_jenkins

(Scroll way way way down)

The RE-POD: I was really hoping to do something re-mix-y for this fest, but life conspired against me, so a straight-up re-pod you get. I didn't try to do anything special with it, I was just so enchanted by reena's reading of the story that I wanted to dive in for myself. So… Here you go:

Fandom: Frozen/Brave
Pairing: Elsa/Merida
Author: [ profile] paperclipbitch
Summary: The best thing about “trade negotiations” is that no one is ever likely interrupt them.
Link to Text: HERE
Length: 00:03:20
Download Links: mp3 | m4b
Mobile Streaming: **click here**

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Just a reminder to everyone that tomorrow (Saturday, May 23) is the free-for-all day for Week One submissions! So if you have recs for any awesome podfics featuring characters who have under-represented genders or sexes (or for characters with no gender at all), we would love to hear about them!

There is no minimum or maximum number of podfics to rec and no reccing template. Just come on in and share the awesome!
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I thought about doing a themed rec list for (re), but I couldn't think of one, so these are some awesome, awesome, AWESOME podfics that have no relationship to each other other than the fact that: 

(A) I love them.
(B) I have not recced them anywhere else before.

That's it!  You should listen to ALL of these! Because they are wonderful and fabulous and all things good.

Under the Cut, because I am wordy :D )

My recs

May. 19th, 2015 10:26 pm
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So these are my recs for (re)...

I recorded this podcast over the course of three nights, and my throat hurts like hell, so please forgive the inconsistencies in sound quality and my bad grammar and pronounciation. :)

Download (right click and save)

Links to my recs are under the cut.

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Thinking of signing up to rec and/or remix for @recsremixesrepods? Now’s the time! Post for Week 1 starts on Monday the 18th.

Sign-ups close the night before the 18th.

If you want to play but are hesitant to commit to a day, remember that the Saturday Free-For-Alls are drop-in friendly :D

Sign-Up Here!

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Participants can sign-up for Week One or Week Two or for both. Click here if you need a refresher on what that means.

Available Dates

Week One

May 19: [personal profile] tarae
May 20: [personal profile] fire_juggler
May 21: [personal profile] intransitive
May 22: [personal profile] cantarina

Week Two

May 25:
May 26: [personal profile] intransitive
May 27: [personal profile] cantarina
May 28: [personal profile] fire_juggler
May 29: [ profile] originally

There’s also going to be a Free-For-All day for each Week on the 23rd and the 30th, respectively.

Sign-ups will be capped at two reccers per day until all days in a given week are full, at which point more reccers will be able to sign-up for those days. Reccers can sign-up for as many days as they think they can handle.

We’ll update both the DW and the Tumblr sign-up posts with the sign-ups from both platforms.

To sign up, please comment with your name, whether you are signing up for Week 1 or Week 2, and your preferred posting day(s). Please note that you want to sign up for more than one date:

Or you can send us an ask on Tumblr with:

-the name or handle you want us to use on the sign-ups list
-the day(s) and the Week you’re signing up for
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